Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sekrit Wimmin's Bizness

Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters have an annual retreat and somehow I manage to come up with a small (or buy more fabric and make it bigger) project each year.

But if it's to be a mystery the participants still like to know what sort and how much fabric to bring!

I have given them their requirement list and the quilt top will be at The Quilt Patch from tomorrow for them to look at. None of this is compulsory and not everyone does it at the time. Some later, some never!

The quilt is made using a 60 degree ruler which many would not have used before, thus making it a learning experience.

Anyhow, my job is done - the sample's made, the notes photocopied and the goody bags are packed.

Graeme and I head off to Brisbane Wednesday for 5 sleeps as the grandchildren are being christened on Sunday.

It will be lovely to see them again as it;s been a month and Miss Maggie seems to have grown so much in 4 weeks. We missed a lot with Banjo as they were living in Amsterdam and then Stockholm, but we did get a couple of lovely overseas holidays to visit them.
This is another Oriental quilt I have been working on while in the mood. It needs borders now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scatterdays - Reflections

Yes, I need to get a life and find another view, but when you have one as good as mine it's hard!

This is an early winter's morning (7.30 AM) view from the balcony over the Tamar River and Launceston centre.

Because we're in a river valley there is often river mist from the North Esk over in the distance and woodsmoke. The big plume of smoke you see is from steam which dissipates quickly and is non-polluting (they say!)