Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scatterdays -Framed

Framed Mosaic, originally uploaded by FranW.

It's the end of the month and here's my offering.
The blue frame is in the main street of Lilydale, Tas where I grew up. Through it you can see a beautiful view of Mt. Arthur.
The firebug framed. He can't help himself and "they" are making it so hard for a man to burn off a few Autumn leaves! Here we have a small fire beside the street with leaves from the Liquid Amber at the front gate at Bridport.
Last but not least is Miss Maggie in her play-gym.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Black Amish

The Tasmanian Quilting Guild's exhibition was held this weekend in conjunction with the craft and Quilt Fair. I entered 3 Amish cot quilts. The tops were made many, many years ago and languished in the cupboard. I realised that I didn't have an entry for our show and if not, it would be the first time that I hadn't entered since we started over 20 years ago!
They were machine quilted by Jane Monk of Purrfectly Quilted and she did a wonderful job of customising them with traditional Amish designs.

Fran W 2, originally uploaded by FranW.

Amish Baskets

Fran W, originally uploaded by FranW.

Amish 9 Patch

Fran W 3, originally uploaded by FranW.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Framed - Banjo

IMG_3111, originally uploaded by FranW.

At a local playground. He is so tall- off the chart in the clinic book!
22 months.

Framed- Miss Maggie

IMG_3181, originally uploaded by FranW.

Here she is, 4 weeks old in her "play-Gym".
The development in just the week we were there is amazing, from a floppy neck/head to being able to turn it from side to side!

Framed-Japanese Garden Botanical Garden Brisbane

IMG_3132, originally uploaded by FranW.

Just returned from a lovely week in Brisbane meeting Miss Maggie and renewing our relationship with Master Banjo 22 months. It was a wonderfulweek.
One of our trips was to the Botanical GArdens for a play and morning tea.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Work Room

This is an ongoing saga. Ages ago I posted pics of the start of the changes in my sewing area. The quilting table came Sunday, not the timber that I wanted but Horn have stoped making this type.
I had it all set out as I thought I wanted it and then the glazier came Tuesday. grrrr...... the builder still has to come sometime - all due to heavy rain coming from the north-east and getting into the area and falling onto my sewing table.

I finally got to have a sew Wednesday but 2 days later I still can't settle to it. I am jammed too close to the wall on the machine, but if I move it down much further, the cutting table will be completely over the doors which lead out onto the terrace near the washing line. Such a dilemma, but as Graeme said, "How often do you use that door?".
Well, if I have the door, it might as well be useful, even if it doesn't get used much. :-)

It all a very difficult decision after having a set-up that has worked well for 20 years.

Not that I am regretting buying the new tables, but do I have that much time left to work it all out??? LOL

Now I have to move to iron, move to cut - stand up even!!!!

Maybe I wouldn't have had an aching back or worn out hands if I hadn't been so comfortable?

PS... I have been sewing... I have bound and labelled 3 Amish cot quilts. Pics later.
PPS....I won't even show you the baskets that used to be tucked under the previous work areas that still have to find a home.

Scatterday "Frame that View" 2

Today is "World Environment Day" so it was a pity that the powers-that-be decided to have regeneration burn on the Launceston side of Mt Arthur! Why not wait until tomorrow? But then, I didn't know it was a special day until talk-back radio started either!
Here it is framed from my dining room window across the Tamar River.
It looks like a nuclear bomb went off, which is also indication that it was a perfect day for burning, rather than it be swept back into the valley.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scatterday "Frame that View"

Scatterdays are here again,
the sky above is clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Scatterdays are here again!!!!

Di Soupy's in charge this time and I've just read :
"The photo does not have to be of a landscape it can be taken indoors or out, macro or wide angle or what ever you fancy.Please post 3 of your best photos on this theme to your blog in the last week of June. You can put photos up at any time during the month as well if you like."

Well I will post one today and feel as if I am at least a third of the way done, but as I am heading off to Brisbane 17-23 to visit the family, this might be it.

The photo is of Mount Arthur from Lilydale. I also see Mount Arthur from my house in Lilydale so if I'm feeling artistic one day and the weather's clear I will try another shot.
As for macro and wide angle lenses !!!!! my camera's just a point and shoot, hope that qualifies?

I grew up at Lilydale, a half hour drive north-east from Launceston. A beautiful spot at the base of Mount Arthur. There's a saying "When there's snow on Mount Arthur, it's cold!"
It's not a really high mountain by Australian standards, and doesn't have snow a lot - for that fact, not many of our mountains are often covered with snow !