Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Work Room

This is an ongoing saga. Ages ago I posted pics of the start of the changes in my sewing area. The quilting table came Sunday, not the timber that I wanted but Horn have stoped making this type.
I had it all set out as I thought I wanted it and then the glazier came Tuesday. grrrr...... the builder still has to come sometime - all due to heavy rain coming from the north-east and getting into the area and falling onto my sewing table.

I finally got to have a sew Wednesday but 2 days later I still can't settle to it. I am jammed too close to the wall on the machine, but if I move it down much further, the cutting table will be completely over the doors which lead out onto the terrace near the washing line. Such a dilemma, but as Graeme said, "How often do you use that door?".
Well, if I have the door, it might as well be useful, even if it doesn't get used much. :-)

It all a very difficult decision after having a set-up that has worked well for 20 years.

Not that I am regretting buying the new tables, but do I have that much time left to work it all out??? LOL

Now I have to move to iron, move to cut - stand up even!!!!

Maybe I wouldn't have had an aching back or worn out hands if I hadn't been so comfortable?

PS... I have been sewing... I have bound and labelled 3 Amish cot quilts. Pics later.
PPS....I won't even show you the baskets that used to be tucked under the previous work areas that still have to find a home.

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Liz Needle said...

Stop your wingeing and get on with life! LOL. I am sure you will adapt to the change as you always do.