Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fresh Air in black and white

IMG_2383, originally uploaded by FranW.

I get nervous when I get to the finishing stage, is it a siege mentality or the concentration span of a gnat? Anyhow, I need to have several quilts on the go at one time and as you might have noticed they're all quite simple. It means I can use fabric faster! This one is starting, the one below is off to the quilter on Monday and I have two more sides to finish the handsewing on the binding of "Butterflies for Billie"

Vego quilt

Vego quilt, originally uploaded by FranW.

This quilt is for my son's ex-partner. Having Chani around was a joy and I was very sad when it was all over. She is the one responsible for the huge change in him, from a meat eating, all Australian bloke to a S.N.A.G with no animal products! He asked me to make her a quilt so he could keep "Peas Will Kill You". This is not what he had in mind I know as he wanted a Mandala - I DO NOT DO CURVES anymore! I know she will love this anyhow.

Butterflies for Billie

Fran Williams for friend, originally uploaded by FranW.

The blocks for this quilt were from a 9 Patch swap with SCQuilters, my online group.They languished for quite some time until desperation set in and I had nothing else to do.Sashed with green scraps and set on a slight "skew-wiff" it then sat around until I found something that tied all the random bits together - a really old, old Hoffman tucked away in the backings section. Machine quilted by Jane Monk of Purrfectly Quilted.

I will give it to a family friend who has a nasty rotten cancer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Luscious Lunch In Launceston.

Today was Launceston Cup Day and a half day public holiday. I spent part of the morning at a Local History Talk at the wonderful Launceston Museum, G spent the time doing paper-work and then we went to The Basin Cafe which overlooks The Gorge, Launceston's treasure. We are so lucky having this in the centre of town and only a few minutes from home. It was a warm day, school out so many families took advantage, dodged the kangaroo and peacock poo on the lawns and went swimming. It all felt a bit cold for me even in the pool, so imagine what the Basin Pool was like. Only a few hardy souls braved that - quickly!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I felt in Melbourne

IMG_2290, originally uploaded by FranW.

I've just returned from 3 days in Melbourne, mainly to visit the Australian Quilters Convention. It's a great show with a good representation of quilts from all States and may more, plus lots and lots of quilts shops etc. I didn't spend much there for obvious reasons, just a small black and white pack as a souvenir !!!! LOL

The crowds at the show were just tolerable and became even better after 3 when the Mums left to collect school children. Saturday morning was, to quote Denise, "Like the Chelsea Flower Show". (very very crowded)

Denise and I went to the theatre to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and since coming home I have listened to the sound track twice and am now watching the DVD of the movie. I would love a DVD of the screenplay, but they haven't made one (yet).

I would love to see it again, but as it finishes at the end of April I may not be able to fit it in.

A lovely day was had on Thursday when I really had my retail therapy along Chapel Street at Baggys at South Yarra. I am having palpitations waiting for the visa to arrive, oh dear!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scatterday H on Thurdlesday

Scatterday H, originally uploaded by FranW.

I am leaving to go to Melbourne for The Australian Quilt Convention and am not due back until Saturday night.

Now if I were me I would like my Scatterdays up early rather than later, so seeing I am, here it is!

This is the last toy to be put away, but if you look closely you will see a Hurdy Gurdy with a Hint of Green.If it was for the hay bale, there wouldn't even be a hint of green in some of our dry paddocks.

I have been waiting 27 weeks to be able to use this game, Hungry Hungy Hippo! Maybe next time I will be able to play it with Banjo. It's such a noisy game!

Pointy things - Hooks, crochet and loop turner from the old Knitwit and dressmaking days.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Perfect Love

Perfect Love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild (Welsh proverb)

IMG_2191, originally uploaded by FranW.

Banjo Indiana with Grandad waiting for the flight home.

Our Family

IMG_2144, originally uploaded by FranW.

A family shot before our darling boys leave

Graeme, Fran, Banjo, Rob and Nic.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pleasant Saturday

I had a lovely day Saturday catching up with 2 friends.An old school friend Liz has just competed a 3 year Shiatsu course and I had a massage and a catch-up with her.

Then I went out to lunch with another friend, Jill. The photo of the cyclist is not one of Jill's relations!

We really would have liked to have gone to the Josef Chromy Winery Cafe at Relbia, but when we got there it was booked out for a wedding. so we kept along the back road, past Dr. Harry's Hobby Farm and Clucky Chook Cafe and came to Dalmeney's at Evandale which is also a nice place but unlicensed. It does have an added attraction of a very nice "frock and gift shop" beside it, so while lunch was being made, we browsed.

Evandale is the home of the famous Sunday market and the World Pennyfarthing Championships are held there annually. It also has several great antique shops, which brings me to my photo of an old English quilt.Sadly it one fabric is disintegrating badly, otherwise it could have made it home to my place. It looked nice where it was on the old bed. I liked what they'd done to the corners to fit it onto a four poster.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scatterday S

Fruit - Strawberry fabrics - didn't realise I had so many! Stitched fruit Salad blocks and a Strawberry on top of my dessert from dinner out with the girls Wednesday night.
Things that make you itch - Strong Smelling flowers! Visited my friend Jill for a coffee Thursday and her house is full of flowers, especially lilies. Her mum died a week ago. Anyhow, I had to move outside as my eyes itched dreadfully!
Letter S is made from a very useful (now) quilting tool called the Flexible Memory Curve. Maybe I need to use it more - the flexible memory part, anyhow!
Gold - written out in magnetic letters on the Fisher Price Schoolhouse that saw light of day after 25 years for Banjo's visit.
Many years ago Dad gave my brother, sister and I three glass jars to choose one from. Inside was a scrunched up parcel of newspaper. I chose mine and was the lucky duck as I got the Gold!In the mid 1800's, My ancestor - Dad's grandfather, Ludwig Bardenhagen came to Australia via America and New Zealand in his search for gold. He ended up in Tasmania, but later went to Western Australia mining. Which now explains why my father is so obsessed about the stuff. The photo is of our Super Child
My shiney nugget is pictured between 2 gold coins. The last picture is ore, the stuff gold comes from.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Grandma's Garden

Grandma's Garden, originally uploaded by FranW.

Banjo Indiana 18 months old. Walking in Grandma Williams' garden, the grass is so much different to Brisbane stuff!

Scatterday I

Scatterday I, originally uploaded by FranW.

Back at Bridport again, this time with Nic and Banjo. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day and we can head to the beach.

Scatterday I was done early and up,loaded in haste - I'm sure I got the right letter this week! :-)

Yellow - Isosceles Triangle (we have the 33 year old Tupperware Shapes out for Banjo), Yellow Insect fabric from the shop.

Australian - Indigenous fabrics and a Quilt made from those Indigenous fabrics.

Something you would find in the air - Influenza and Is it going to rain?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guess who's coming to stay?

IMG_2011, originally uploaded by FranW.

Excitement's gathering at our house because Banjo Indiana is arriving from Brisbane tomorrow to stay for 5 nights. Toys that heven't seen the light of day for over 25 years are out and dusted, the cot is set up in Graeme's office, car seat and pusher have been borrowed from cousin Libby and the high chair is cleaned and in the way in the kitchen!
I can't wait!!!!

My Family Gathering

IMG_0134, originally uploaded by FranW.

A rare get-together. Like most families it's hard to get everyone together at the same time. Saturday night we managed it. Lots of cathcing up, a great night.

Chris, Graeme, Fran, Kim, Brian, Frank (Dad) and Pete.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Dyslexia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that manifests primarily as a difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling. ...


Scatterday X, originally uploaded by FranW.
This is a Fritterday as I am leaving at "Sparrow's" to go to work.

X marks the spot, thanks to 2 sets of BBQ tongs. I am not home yet, the rulers would have been handy!

Now "Xmas" isn't a word I use because I can still hear mum telling me that by using the X you're taking Christ out of Christmas and after all, that's what it's about! What I'm really showing is the Nativity scene I bought for Nancy, the wonderful mother of my grandson Banjo, for her birthday.

XXXX spells beer in Queensland doesn't it?

Xantharia - Grass Tree or Black Boys, which probably isn't politically correct now.

Generation X - I have 2 of them. Both different, but both described to a T when I Googled a definition :-) This where I am going to become long winded.

Born between 1961 and 1981, Generation Xers, or the MTV generation, are the creators of “Me, Inc.” – they believe individuals must take charge of their own careers. Also called "baby busters," they are incredibly quick learners and are adaptable and flexible but strongly focused on achieving a work-life balance. Results-driven and pragmatic, the Gen X workplace is fun, flexible and educational, yet demands good management. (Deloittes)

Xers have no expectation of job security, so they tend to see every job as temporary and every company as a stepping stone to something better, or at least to something else. They have been accused of not wanting to pay their dues. But, in today's changing workplace, anyone who is thinking about doing a job long enough to pay dues is out of touch!'s.html

Xanthorrhoea - orange lichen which adorns the rocks around Bridport. Especially the Mermaid's Pool area.