Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pleasant Saturday

I had a lovely day Saturday catching up with 2 friends.An old school friend Liz has just competed a 3 year Shiatsu course and I had a massage and a catch-up with her.

Then I went out to lunch with another friend, Jill. The photo of the cyclist is not one of Jill's relations!

We really would have liked to have gone to the Josef Chromy Winery Cafe at Relbia, but when we got there it was booked out for a wedding. so we kept along the back road, past Dr. Harry's Hobby Farm and Clucky Chook Cafe and came to Dalmeney's at Evandale which is also a nice place but unlicensed. It does have an added attraction of a very nice "frock and gift shop" beside it, so while lunch was being made, we browsed.

Evandale is the home of the famous Sunday market and the World Pennyfarthing Championships are held there annually. It also has several great antique shops, which brings me to my photo of an old English quilt.Sadly it one fabric is disintegrating badly, otherwise it could have made it home to my place. It looked nice where it was on the old bed. I liked what they'd done to the corners to fit it onto a four poster.

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