Friday, February 1, 2008


Scatterday X, originally uploaded by FranW.
This is a Fritterday as I am leaving at "Sparrow's" to go to work.

X marks the spot, thanks to 2 sets of BBQ tongs. I am not home yet, the rulers would have been handy!

Now "Xmas" isn't a word I use because I can still hear mum telling me that by using the X you're taking Christ out of Christmas and after all, that's what it's about! What I'm really showing is the Nativity scene I bought for Nancy, the wonderful mother of my grandson Banjo, for her birthday.

XXXX spells beer in Queensland doesn't it?

Xantharia - Grass Tree or Black Boys, which probably isn't politically correct now.

Generation X - I have 2 of them. Both different, but both described to a T when I Googled a definition :-) This where I am going to become long winded.

Born between 1961 and 1981, Generation Xers, or the MTV generation, are the creators of “Me, Inc.” – they believe individuals must take charge of their own careers. Also called "baby busters," they are incredibly quick learners and are adaptable and flexible but strongly focused on achieving a work-life balance. Results-driven and pragmatic, the Gen X workplace is fun, flexible and educational, yet demands good management. (Deloittes)

Xers have no expectation of job security, so they tend to see every job as temporary and every company as a stepping stone to something better, or at least to something else. They have been accused of not wanting to pay their dues. But, in today's changing workplace, anyone who is thinking about doing a job long enough to pay dues is out of touch!'s.html

Xanthorrhoea - orange lichen which adorns the rocks around Bridport. Especially the Mermaid's Pool area.


DoubleL said...

Good one Fran - you will be ready when it is X. I had to go and look at Dy's Blog but this week is Z - gulp!

Pennie & David said...

Very funny Fran... 'X' is sort of like 'Z' LOL both have similarities! They're aren't many things that start with them, they come at the end of the Alphabet, not many people's names start with them and they keep getting forgotten! :-)))

sMC said...

very clever can't wait for X

Michelle Watters said...

Loving your Z photos Fran LOLOLOL

Di's SnippitS said...

Gee I panicked for a minute and thought I had got it wrong. LOL

Cinzia said...

Had me worried for a minute ... well until I read all of the comments .... thought I'd picked the wrong letter ... makes me aware that I need to check and recheck.
Loved your day anyway

Lindi said...

Clever xxxxs! Are you going to do z when we do x?

Quiltycat said...

Geeze, Fran!
Frightening the beegezzzzes outta me! Thought I had got it all wrong!
Tricky you!

Liz Needle said...

Think you must be dyslezic, Fran. LOL