Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I felt in Melbourne

IMG_2290, originally uploaded by FranW.

I've just returned from 3 days in Melbourne, mainly to visit the Australian Quilters Convention. It's a great show with a good representation of quilts from all States and may more, plus lots and lots of quilts shops etc. I didn't spend much there for obvious reasons, just a small black and white pack as a souvenir !!!! LOL

The crowds at the show were just tolerable and became even better after 3 when the Mums left to collect school children. Saturday morning was, to quote Denise, "Like the Chelsea Flower Show". (very very crowded)

Denise and I went to the theatre to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and since coming home I have listened to the sound track twice and am now watching the DVD of the movie. I would love a DVD of the screenplay, but they haven't made one (yet).

I would love to see it again, but as it finishes at the end of April I may not be able to fit it in.

A lovely day was had on Thursday when I really had my retail therapy along Chapel Street at Baggys at South Yarra. I am having palpitations waiting for the visa to arrive, oh dear!

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