Sunday, March 17, 2013

Archie Williams,

Son of Graeme's nephew Jonathan.

Given to Jon when he came down for Papa's funeral June 2012

Jane and Angela Leech

Jane and Angela are daughters of my childhood friend Liz. I have known the girls forever!
Having run out of nieces and nephews to give quilts to (until they start having babies), I started on friend's kids! Most of my friends are quilters, and although Liz did a very early class with me in about 1983, she never finished it nor does she know where the unfinished item is!

Jane lives Tigers, I had a Tiger Quilt that needed a home!
Angela is an artist, Liz introduced me to Kaffe Fassett in his early days through his knitting patterns. I had a lovely bright Kaffe quilt needing a new home!

Hurrah, 2 more quilts gifted to loved ones, sometime during 2012.

Another quilt leaves the nest for a better home!

Cancer is one of the dreadful words we hate to hear, I lost a cousin last year and another has succumbed. It's breast cancer, which fortunately, if you have to get one of them then this is it!!!!
nyhow, all I can do is be on the other end of this phone, visit and give a symbol of my love in the hope that I will give comfort.
It's not fair, Fiona has 2 young sons, she has a battle ahead of her in 2013.

Not a good photo of the quilt, this is the top only, hanging over the balcony at Bayside, Camp Clayton.

Miss Maggie's quilt for her 3 rd Birthday 2012

Pis a quilt as you go Hexagon for Asherley's bed

Donated quilts the the Cancer Council

These quilts have been a long time coming. A few years ago our local quilt group made a lot of quilts for children with cancer. Most of the weren't suitable for teenagers so I decided that I would potter along and make some. The 5 black, white and bright colored quilts bred like rabbits and I think I still have enough blocks to make another 3. The Hamburger is the backing for one of the 2 Boy's I Spy Quilts,, lovely bit of fabric!
The 2 paler ones were samples that needed finishing when we closed The Quilt Patch.
The Kaleidoscope was an unwanted top made by a friend.

It felt good to give the 10 quilts to an organization that will hand them onto worthy recipients.
I lost a dear cousin to cancer last year and this year one cousin is beginning her journey with breast cancer and another has just had a nasty scare, there's to much of it around!

I can move on now I have had a mini clear up and start making more!