Sunday, March 17, 2013

Donated quilts the the Cancer Council

These quilts have been a long time coming. A few years ago our local quilt group made a lot of quilts for children with cancer. Most of the weren't suitable for teenagers so I decided that I would potter along and make some. The 5 black, white and bright colored quilts bred like rabbits and I think I still have enough blocks to make another 3. The Hamburger is the backing for one of the 2 Boy's I Spy Quilts,, lovely bit of fabric!
The 2 paler ones were samples that needed finishing when we closed The Quilt Patch.
The Kaleidoscope was an unwanted top made by a friend.

It felt good to give the 10 quilts to an organization that will hand them onto worthy recipients.
I lost a dear cousin to cancer last year and this year one cousin is beginning her journey with breast cancer and another has just had a nasty scare, there's to much of it around!

I can move on now I have had a mini clear up and start making more!

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