Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Challenge ...continued

A lovely sunny day here in the Great Southlands and perfect for taking snaps of quilts.

Here are the rest of the 5 quilts I have finished during the Olympics. The pink thing is a sample from a few years back, the Magic 9 Patch is because I had to make one as well as everyone else and the "house" quilt has been in my glory box waiting for a little girl to come along. Well finally she did so is will be delivered to Miss Maggie in a few days time for when she gets into her cot.

I have called it "The Corn is as High as an Elephant's Eye" because the vines that I quilted ended up looking like corn stalks instead of ivy, so I also quilted corn cobs into it!
I'm quite proud of the quilting on this- I don't do a lot of machine (or hand) quilting myself as my hands are succumbing to over 25 years of handwork - sigghhhh!!!!!
This is the size of a cot quilt, easily fitted under the machine so I decided to have a go myself.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Marathon

I've been sewing up my own Olympic Marathon while watching the real ones.

Five quilts bound and as you can see from the two shown, they aren't small!

This is my own design, one using fabrics from Moda's Fresh Air range and the other using a small part of my black and white stash, with a few small pieces of lovely brights.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Banjo and Miss Maggie

How many pairs of hands are there holding her down??

Poor Banjo is forcing a smile as he'd been sick with an Inner Ear infection, poor little mite. But how can you not smile when you're on Grandad's lap?

I'm on a roll, so while I'm at it here are a few shots of my gorgeous grandchildren taken 2 weeks ago in Brisbane.

We went up to their christenings. A lovely family affair with only Rob missing as he was in Thailand and now should be in India.


One finished quilt and 3 tops. It's like one step forward and 3 back isn't it?

The black and white one I have shown before, I still need to write the pattern for it for a few people. I'm not good at naming quilts, this is the second one in this design so it's currently called Fresh Air in Black and Whites (at least I know which one is which)

The Geishas were a sample for our (Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters) LPQ's retreat held a few weekends ago.

The Lanterns were also an optional retreat project - nothing is ever compulsory, but many members try them :-)

The pastel one is one I began working on and finished this week at home - one Jelly Roll and 2 more strips. Certainly not my choice of colours but sometimes one needs to make samples!

I have also had another 3 quilts returned to me from the machine quilter, so I will be right for hand sewing during some of the Olympics viewing. The binding is done on one already and I'm hand sewing it down, I have cut the binding for the next and I need to find binding for the last.
I have a plastic container that I try to put aside fabrics for bindings, in theory it should work but many a time I have not done it. Sadly it's full and that means there are still lots of quilts lurking around in a "summer quilt" state.

Scatterdays -Wet (and Reflection)

A lovely shiny new red car gathers raindrops- they never seemed to do that on the old blue one, might be something to do with absence of wax?

Anyhow, this is also a belated entry for "reflections" for last month.
I've had a crappy few weeks suffering from my 3rd cold.
No energy to post pictures of Banjo and Miss Maggie's christenings , LPQ's annual retreat or the quilt tops I have made.
Cough, cough!!!!