Saturday, August 9, 2008


One finished quilt and 3 tops. It's like one step forward and 3 back isn't it?

The black and white one I have shown before, I still need to write the pattern for it for a few people. I'm not good at naming quilts, this is the second one in this design so it's currently called Fresh Air in Black and Whites (at least I know which one is which)

The Geishas were a sample for our (Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters) LPQ's retreat held a few weekends ago.

The Lanterns were also an optional retreat project - nothing is ever compulsory, but many members try them :-)

The pastel one is one I began working on and finished this week at home - one Jelly Roll and 2 more strips. Certainly not my choice of colours but sometimes one needs to make samples!

I have also had another 3 quilts returned to me from the machine quilter, so I will be right for hand sewing during some of the Olympics viewing. The binding is done on one already and I'm hand sewing it down, I have cut the binding for the next and I need to find binding for the last.
I have a plastic container that I try to put aside fabrics for bindings, in theory it should work but many a time I have not done it. Sadly it's full and that means there are still lots of quilts lurking around in a "summer quilt" state.

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cat in tassie said...

Hi Fran

Just been catching up on your blog. I love the black and white quilt, and I'll definitely look forward to seeing the Chinese Lanterns when it's quilted. All that open space to fill with lovely quilting!

Hope you recover from your cold soon.

cheers, cat