Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catching up still

Kaffe and Friends Stars

Oh dear! Just when I think I have Blogger mastered it goes and changes!

This is a quilt I made just after we got home from visiting Granchildren in Palo Alto in April.
I always experience a huge let down when I arrive home, this one took me 2 months to get over. It was a combination of saying goodbye, jetlag, a favourite cousin with terminal cancer, a dear friend in UK for 4 months and final realisation that I didn't have The Quilt Patch as a daily place to visit after nearly 26 years. And it was winter!

I was down to go to Poatina for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild's annual retreat, so this quilt was an ideal "vegemite" quilt to make, something easy that could be done while talking for 3 days.
Certainly fitted the bill I can tell you, bright colours in lovely Kaffe and friends fabrics, friends and sewing soon helped me clambour out of the doldrums I found myself in.

I'm not sure where this quilt will end up, maybe opn a bed at the house at Bridport, with 6 bedrooms, I have rooms to fill! Mind you, I am working on SCQuilter Sig. Square quilts for some of the rooms. Friends covering friends, lovely!

My blues have passed, bookings have been made for a December visit to USA to check on the grandchildren and their parents, lots of quilts have been finished and new ones started (I certainly have plenty of fabric to keep me going forever!) and I am doing as much as I can for my cousin which makes me feel a lot better.

NB This quilt was given to Heather Woods in early March 2013