Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scatterday Y

Scatterday Y, originally uploaded by FranW.

I'm now officially at the beach until the end of January, but could I find anything Y that pertained to our beautiful views - nooooo!!!!

Green -Yard - out neighbour but one, Garry has this fantastic type of grass growing at his place, watered a wee bit it stays green all year. This is his front yard looking across the road towards some vans at the camping area that stretches right around the bay at Bridport

Animal - Yawn - so this is Christmas????? Scruffy and Will are less than impressed with it all, especially their daggy decorated collars they've been made to wear all day.

School Days - Yarns- 2 of my school mates from Lilydale Primary school. Garry and Arie who also have homes almost next door. Every year for many years now, we re-hash the same old school stories, catch up on who's doing what and who's died.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scatterday S

Scatterday S, originally uploaded by FranW.

Yup! It's still Saturday, don't know where yesterday went !
I got my S's ready a few days ago, just after I did the D's and now here we are!
I've had one night home in the last 2 weeks so that might explain something.

Medicinal - some stuff from my "1st Aid Kit"

Beverage - Solerno Sherry - strictly for cooking!

Christmas - Soot- you see - living down here in the deep south, we still have a fireplace that Santa can scamper down!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy BIrthday Nic

IMG_1587, originally uploaded by FranW.

It was also Nic's 33rd birthday on Sunday. Happy birthday darling son.

Banjo in sand pit

IMG_1554, originally uploaded by FranW.

...and this?

Banjo and Bubbles

IMG_1540, originally uploaded by FranW.

...and why would I want to miss out on moments like this?

Scatterday D

Scatterday D, originally uploaded by FranW.

I am late again! But I have a fantastic excuse - I've been to Brisbane again to have time with my family!
D for Draplique - my humble unfinished sample from a Pam Holland class - a few years ago now.
D for Dump Truck - all boys need a Tonka Truck and this was taken up to Brisbane for Banjo's Christmas present.
D for Darling Husband - a very touchy feely person.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scatterday D's going to have to wait! Sorry to the 7 people who are watching for it. I'm in Brisbane, waking up at about 3 Am, waiting for daylight to come at about 4, then darling Banjo wakes at anything after 5 AM!
My D's were all ready to post Thursday before I headed north, but for some reason I couldn't get something to work, the mosaic bit , I think it was.

Now I'm working on Nancy's computer and every time I hit the "a" I get Caps, sighhhhh.

Besides I have no idea how to find Flickr with my account.

I promise you it's all done!

xxxx (crossed heart and hope to die)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Scatterday K

Tomorrow is bought to you by the letter K.

This stumped me again because of the colour, why does this happen?
Again I've used my rulers, that's become part of the challenge, a bit like Pennie's babushka's.

I was very brazen today, as I went into the outdoor shop next door and asked the boy to get me his most wicked knife out of the cabinet so I could take a photo. He was teetering towards one that had a painted scene on it, I guess his definition of "wicked" and mine are somewhat different! LOL
So Dangerous is Knife
Kia for Blue
Katerina's Hair and Beauty for In My Neighbourhood (opposite from work)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Scatterday M

I had a mental block for this week's, don't know why once I'd seen every one's.
I had decided what I was going to use and was also going to be terribly organised as I had a meeting and Christmas lunch today for Tasmanian Quilting Guild, but I sent the computer off to be serviced Thursday and the suggestion was to get a new hard drive, sigghhhh, which they had in store, how convenient!!! So the computer was there Friday too. Gee I get lonely without it, it's a bit like when the power's off and you think of all the things you can do with the spare time. Sadly most of it entails using electricity!

Anyhow, here's this week's choice.
The wooden rulers again come in handy.
Texture - Mulchy (told you I was digging deep)
Weapon - Meat Mallet (Dad has a Maddock handle behind his kitchen door - glad he forgot it was there when he had the intruder and "showed hima thing or two!")
Hobby - Machine patchwork

You know, I tote my camera around with me daily and like my mobile phone, forget it's there!
Went to Hobart on Tuesday for a drive and lunch with Robert and Graeme - nothing taken.

I blame the drugs.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Launceston's Christmas parade was on Saturday, I had to work at The Quilt Patch, but as the parade goes right past our door, it wasn't hard work. I did the important job of being Great Auntie Fran by holding Ruby, while Mum (Graeme's), Lucy (his niece) and Ada (his/our Great Niece) sat in the gutter and waited.
Across the road, on the shady side, were cousin Libby, her daughter Nicole and grandson. Also had 3 other grandchildren seated in front.

Santa was a great disappointment, being up too high and in a red firetruck he was almost invisible to the little people in the street! Bring back to sleigh on a trailer behind a car I say!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scatterday T

T on purple

T Shirts - being brave and taking pictures outside shop doors, this time I was glared at by young whippersnapper!

T with purple labels

Hot T pot (love my CWA knitted beehive cosy)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I have been doing

This is new fabric line in the shop called "Fresh Air" by Moda- it spoke to me when we ordered it, so I was bound to make "something" with it upon it's arrival in store.

I took a photo of it so I could see if it's working- not really, but I'm committed.

I'm sure once the blocks are all sewn together and it's not sitting on top of several other quilts on the "design bed" it will look a bit more "together".
I was planning on doing this design in black and whites but I needed a simple pattern for this fabric.

No doubt this will also remain a top until a cause comes along. It would be a good quilt for a younger person.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Great News!!!!

We have just received good news - Banjo is to have a baby brother or sister next year.
Now when it came to naming Banjo, I was pretty spot on calling him Indiana Frances - he ended up being Banjo Indiana. Now this one was conceived in Sweden so I am now thinking and looking at the atlas!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scatterday H

Scatterday H, originally uploaded by FranW.

Once again the wooden rulers come in handy!
Human - most days- Hairy, Handsome Husband.
Soft - my Hands, I'd just had a massage.
Toy - Hounds, somehow I've accumulated these.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Graeme

IMG_1279, originally uploaded by FranW.

It's his birthday today - 61 years young!
Family tea at a local pub - wonderful meal.

This is the view from The Riverview towards "home". We're to the far right, maybe not quite in the picture, it was getting dark.

We're normally on the hill looking towards town.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Scatterday O

I'm early, work and LPQ's tomorrow and a good night on TV tonight!

The "O" block is from my LPQ ABC quilt. None of the items featured could be used this week!

Breakfast - "oeufs crus" raw eggs looking a bit sad before brekky

Shiny - my dad's head is pretty shiny but it's actually the "ore" in the rock that's shining. This is an 86 year old man mad with gold fever and he hopes to strike lots more before his "time's up".

Little things - Oat from my muesli.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Bridport Garden

My friend Pennie Darling often blogs photos of colour in her garden. Well I was at Bridport this weekend and the colour in our garden there is absolutely beautiful,especially if you don't get too close to be overwhelmed by the weeds!
I don't think I will get back down there until Christmas and in 6-7 weeks it will be all looking tidy and clean but I know that a lot of the flowers will have been finished, so I'm glad I saw it now.

I had a chap in today who is going to perform miracles - I hope!
The garden used to be an exciting place when Mum was able to do it all. She's been dead for 3 years now and 10 years before that was unable to get into the garden because of the dreadful stroke she suffered. It has languished now for 13 years and anything that is surviving deserves to be there. The daisies and wallflowers are only a few years old, planted by me. They are great survivors! Watering over summer is restricted so we have mulched a lot over the years, seaweed, poppy waste (great weeds in that), barley and pea straw (ditto), newspapers and woodchips. The weeds come out really easily but I am sick of having it bothering me while I am trying to relax, so I am handing over to Bob who assures me I will have a lovely summer without any guilt.

Mum's ashes are scattered in the garden, it's what she wanted but I do feel guilty when her area is messy - I get over it easily, but I do have a few momentary twinges when I first arrive. :-)

Mum loved her garden, plant 2 and move 6 was her general objective and make a new garden bed often, which is fairly easy at Bridport because it's lovely sandy grey soil. Sadly, most of the treasures have disappeared - they were the ones that needed TLC and the family couldn't keep up. It's a hard job being a gardener!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Scatterday A

Scatterdays is bought to you by the letter A this week. It’s a long weekend here and we’re off to Bridport tonight and I’ll be on dial-up so I’m posting early! Maybe I’ll have time to read everyone’s Saturday this week!
I thought I would be inventive with my letter this time as I pinched the “Round thing” off the web.
An “A” is easy, especially if you have long rulers within reaching distance.

“Round things” stumped me, mind you I have been a bit brain dead and of course as soon as I look at everyone else’s photo’s I will wonder why I didn’t think of that, so “Arctic Circle” it is. Did you know there was also an Antarctic Circle? I didn't! But it didn't have a sign, so north it is!
“Vegetables” left me with Asparagus or Artichokes and I don’t like the latter. I didn't have my camera at the supermarket so I bought a bunch.
“Things you like the smell of” - I was introduced to Amarula in South Africa last year, it’s very drinkable, akin to Kahlua and Cream :-) with more of a caramel smell. Bother, I should have bought another bottle coming through Customs last month!

A bit of info re. Amarula here.
During February, at the height of the African summer, the olive green fruit of the Marula tree ripens to a golden yellow and its intense tropical fragrance floats on the warm summer breeze, luring various species of wild animals from miles around. In particular, herds of trumpeting elephant walk for days to gorge themselves on the fruit; and for this reason, the Marula tree has come to be known as "The Elephant Tree".
Only the female tree bears fruit succulent, tart, with an exotic flavour containing four times as much vitamin C as an average orange
Held to be a strong aphrodisiac, the Marula tree features prominently in many tribal fertility rites. So much so, that in ancient folklore it was known as "The Marriage Tree", and even today many rural people still conduct wedding ceremonies under its fertile branches.
I really should have bought more!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Banjo and Family -October 2007

A few shots of Banjo and family.
Went to Maroochydore for lunch with John and Amira (G's brother) and then went for a paddle at the river with G. Nic and Bud the dog, one block away from John's.
Also went to Baby-Swim. I was his helper for the swim, a very relaxed baby in the water, more pre-occupied with the floating toys than whether he was actually floating!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Scatterday J

Scatterday J, originally uploaded by FranW.

I'm late...I'm late, but l had an important date!!!!
Last week it was J, I am not even looking at anybody else's blog until I have posted mine.

Pointy thing - my juicer, squeezes better than any old plastic one and cleans easier too!

Restaurant - I read the phone book- we just don't have a restaurant starting with a J in town!

Swimming - ditto phone book, I planned to gate crash a Judo club but the 2 in town were listed as out of town.

NOW I will show you why I was late posting Scatterdays!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We're off to Brisbane!!!!

We're all waiting to be packed to go to Brisbane to meet Banjo again!

We met last Christmas when most of us were given as gifts to him but we couldn't fit into the suitcase to go to Stockholm so we stayed with Nana and Grandad.

I think we're all going to be very pleased to see each other. The parrot and the kookaburra belong to Nic, who now has a small space in his heart because somewhere along on the trip back to Australia, Angus the Boxer got lost! He has travelled all over the world with Nic since 1989 when he arrived from Texas.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scatterday P

Scatterday P, originally uploaded by FranW.

A bit late again today, never mind!
P it is and once again I became confused because there's a colour as a topic!
My pin holder is not only red but also metal and we easily identify with the postman's red van and Australia posts logo.
Sweets - I am becoming braver with my photo gathering so I went across the road into the CWA shop and asked what cakes they had beginning with P so Marj opened the Peppermint slice container and the other helper couldn't help herself so she shot around from the craft side and suggested Plum Puddings!
Metal - postbox, Public toilet and no Parking sign and another (red) sign for a Pasta shop!

PSBB- I am just checking this and once again my right hand side pictures are cropped! grrrr.

Thanks to Michelle, who asked where I was orientating the picture, I didn't change that bit but I did discover where I could make is smaller :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Girl's Night In

Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters had a Girl's Night In last night to raise money for Breast Cancer. Two years ago when we had it we asked for squares of pink fabric and over time we made 2 butterfly quilts. We handed one over to team members from the local Dragons Abreast group to use for future fund raising efforts. Their Dragon boat arrives in November and they will then be able to graduate from sitting on chairs in the boat shed to paddling in the genuine thing on water!

I'm looking forward to it too as I will get a wonderful view of them from home, especially if they get marooned on the mud bank at Home Point, they have been warned!
We were also treated to a Tap dance and song routine by the Patchworking Pitter Patterers. Kaye from LPQ's, her sister Christine and cousin Glenice-their family Christmases must be hilarious!

Also pictured are the winners in the decorated slipper contest. Kaye's 2 sisters, is this family extroverted or what?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scatterday F

Scatterday F, originally uploaded by FranW.

The Freezer in Graeme's bar frig. It needs taking outside and defrosting. The big freezer in the laundry which I am trying to empty and clean, it's not happening!
Signs- Free Parking, Michael Ferguson and Foxes .
The Elements - Fire and Graeme combined equals a totally new one!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Launceston Show Day

It was people's day at the Royal Launceston Show today and this is what I just love, sights like this young man and the huge beast!

We hadn't been for many years and I was pleasantly surprised except I began the day with the "funny tummy" that Graeme had earlier in the week, so we didn't queue for giant Dagwood dogs or chips, in fact I came home and had 2 dry bikkies, a glass of water and a nap!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sewing Room

The furniture's been shuffled around and the table Graeme found under the house is in position. The machine is no longer dropped into a flat bed but on top of the table with a perspex surround. My chair is up so high now my feet don't hit the floor, so that's the next problem! :-) I think there should be a small shelf somewhere that the TV used to sit on, I wonder where that is?

The old Horn table is there too, I would like to "audition" one of the Horn Craft Tables - slightly higher and the ends flip out when needed, it's a bit bigger than the Sewing cabinet and I won't rush out and order one until I am sure, but how does one know unless it is put in place???? Such a dilemma!

The top over the back of the chair is one I did at our retreat - "Magic 9 Patch" with autumn leaves and 48 hand dyes from Ami (ex-Oz Dye Arts).
The quilt on the end of the table is waiting binding and is a woven design with frog fabrics and a frog quilting design.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I had lunch today with dad and his girlfriend, Marie.He reckons he's a cradle snatcher as she's only 84 - he's 86!

He doesn't come into town often, but he had an appointment with his Urologist -say no more!

This is a shot of him in one of his sheds - he has a habit of when one gets too messy, to just take over another building, build a new one or buy old wardrobes.

This one is a lean-to built along the side of next door's fence, with a roof and a few old cupboards as a wall. The wall at the other end is another shed!

Anyhow, he wanted some new shelves to put "stuff" on, this is the result. He is not a handyman, we grew up with Uncle Barry, a plumber and Uncle Brian who was a builder always on call. We reckoned dad wouldn't even know where the hammer was. Now he doesn't worry, he either goes and buys another one or builds Lego-like constructions. (errrrkkkk - I am seeing similarities here!)

At his left is a rock saw- he took up "looking for gold" later in life, after he left mum and took up women and horses, but I could go on ---- and on!

This picture is of him with Lloyd (he's a few years older than dad) at the other end of the shed looking at cores from the drilling - this is no amateur mining we're talking about here! This is serious men's business! There's also Jo who goes out with him, will show picture later of "Dad's Army"

Life with dad has never been boring, just very frustrating a lot of the time, due to his bad hearing and his reluctance to wear his hearing aide, which he decided he needed when he became good friends with Marie (as opposed to just friends which the family has been for a long time).
We also have a collection of old water tanks - they make good sheds too!
I have many stories about him, but above is by way of introduction.

I am also grateful for Marie, for now when I ring up and ask him how he's going, he always answers "Never been better" , which is good! :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scatterday C

Scatterday C, originally uploaded by FranW.

I'm getting in early this weekend as I'm off on retreat with Tas. SCQuilters.

My sewing area is still not done, it needs thinking about, but I have sorted my scraps!

Hobbies- now I was really in the pink here as Graeme and I have several each but starting with "C", Collecting would win hands down!
He collects Cards (postcards) - all neatly placed in albums in the Cupboard that used to grace an early 1900's Tasmanian classroom - a Library cupboard.
I collect many things, 2 shown here -Chintz China and Campbell's Pottery. The Winton Chintz designs are "Quilt" and "Tartan".
Campbell's Pottery was located in Launceston in the street where Graeme boarded when he first came into town to work.
I also collect Antique quilts, Doulton "April" china, and sewing boxes.I seem to have a big Collection of my quilts too :-)(This is more than anyone needs to know!)

For Furniture I am presenting the under-rated Card Table. It sits beside the computer when I have lots of paperwork that can't fit on the desk.
I also have a Cake Stand, from early golden days when afternoon teas were de-rigeur and this was carried around for our selection.
It folds up flat when hot in use. (If you look carefully you will see dust marks from the clutter I removed) (Just noticed that the handle is cropped and my jug spout is missing, I still can't work out how to get a whole picture on this blob!)

Lastly, Pizza Toppings. I am still not very brave so this was taken undercover in the supermarket. I was in fear of someone asking me if I was a Capsicum spy! I had also planned on getting Chillies and Cheese, but time ran out.

Global Warming or Abnormally High Tides????

"Abnormally High Tides" was the weather Bureau's warning yesterday afternoon, and as I went past the Tamar Rowing Club rooms and the Boat shop There was only 10 minutes to go until high tide. I raced back up the hill and got my camera and took my photos beside the local newspaper's photographer. :-)
Occasionally we get a flood around here because of excess water flowing down theriver through the Gorge, but not often does it happen the other way.
Is it global warming???

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sewing area re-arranging!

There's been a lot of chat on SCQuilters the last few days about sewing cabinets, sitting position and bad backs.

I have had my Horn sewing cabinet since 1974, so I guess it doesn't owe me anything now, but my Lovely Bernina 440 doesn't sit at all well in the flatbed - built for the 830's - I have several for spares :-)

The chat got me thinking about what I could do other than stop sewing (ha).
Anyhow, I realised that I couldn't continue in this sewing position for another 30 years so I got thinking. Luckily the local Bernina shop had one of the big perpex tables that fitted it but what could I put it on, as it was too big for the Horn cabinet and the pine table I use for cutting out on has a piece of wood underneath that makes sewing uncomfortable. I was ready to race off to the hardware store to buy a big piece of timber 80cm x 220cm but Graeme had a fossick under the house and found a table that he'd made for the shop. I know we replaced them for some reason and I think it's because we used to sit on them and with the weight of us and the timber the legs started to buckle! LOL. BUT, it gives me breathing space and an area to try to see if this is going to suit me, without spending any money (Oh, I just remembered I have just bought the clear table for the machine LOL).

It's all set up in one of the spare bedrooms and I'm supposed to be cleaning my sewing area so we can have the big swap around.

I already have plans for the pine table - have it restored, swap it with the dining room table and get rid of that pine table. My mind's in a whirl!

If this works, I think I will look for 2 sets of drawers to put at either end to support the heavy top. Oh, forgot to mention it's out of Tasmanian Sassafras timber - I am a sawmiller's daughter! He doesn't mill now, he's 86 and only looks for gold now. Remind me to talk about dad one day and his girlfriend of 84 :-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rob in his vegie garden

IMG_0867, originally uploaded by FranW.

My friends, Rob and Denise have been living in Kent for the last 8 months. His garden has been waiting for him and now he's into it. What a lovely view over Lake Louise at Grindelwald, just outside Launceston

Sunday, September 30, 2007

BOM - Oriental Traditions

This is to be a new Block of the Month for the shop. "Oriental Traditions" by Kaufman.
Very dramatic with some wonderful Oriental fabrics and a big 220cm square!
There are 6 borders on it and I thought I'd never get them finished.

Post Grand Final

Well, there were savs and party pies etc. When I arrived back to collect the MOTH the pies were cold and firm and the savs had been forgotten.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

AFL Grandfinal Day

Sad isn't it? Maybe Melbourne will get there next year! He's off to his AFL BBQ.

Here we are, balloons on the post. Coby and David has all bases covered.

Hang on a minute, I thought this was an all blokes AFL BBQ? Sad isn't it when salads and fruit outnumbers party pies and savs? Showing their ages!

Pea and Ham soup???? Where are the snags?

Scatterdays W

Scatterdays w, originally uploaded by FranW.

This had me stumped for days and I was loosing sleep! I took photos of stuff, white that and thats, thinking it would do. Anyhow, the drugs kicked in and I was able to think again, so here is my offering.

W for wave
Black things- Washing-our socks for the last few days plus my fantastic view
Tools - This foot was made for Walking
Game- White men don't play alone but they do for this exercise!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday lunch

Lovely Sunday- leisurely lunch looking longingly over lustrous garden.

Anyhow, we went out to lunch, which means I didn't have to think what sort of cheese to use on the toast!

Out to Westbury and to Fitzpatrick's Inn, the old home of the "Westbury Quilt" which is now hidden in the bowels of the National Museum in Canberra. When I first met it, it was draped over a curtain track on a wall inside the front door of this lovely old home of the Fitzpatrick sisters, who had bought it off a man who won it in a raffle. Made about 1900-1903, it's more of an embroidered spread as there is no quilting at all on it. But that's what it's called. There's a new "Westbury Quilt" now that was made by local ladies and hangs on the walls of the Council Chambers.

The centre of the quilt is a great (but crooked) screen print of the original quilt. I have seen the original one hung several times and I have vague recollections of it not being straight.

Here is the "new" quilt in all its glory. Such wonderful work.