Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday lunch

Lovely Sunday- leisurely lunch looking longingly over lustrous garden.

Anyhow, we went out to lunch, which means I didn't have to think what sort of cheese to use on the toast!

Out to Westbury and to Fitzpatrick's Inn, the old home of the "Westbury Quilt" which is now hidden in the bowels of the National Museum in Canberra. When I first met it, it was draped over a curtain track on a wall inside the front door of this lovely old home of the Fitzpatrick sisters, who had bought it off a man who won it in a raffle. Made about 1900-1903, it's more of an embroidered spread as there is no quilting at all on it. But that's what it's called. There's a new "Westbury Quilt" now that was made by local ladies and hangs on the walls of the Council Chambers.

The centre of the quilt is a great (but crooked) screen print of the original quilt. I have seen the original one hung several times and I have vague recollections of it not being straight.

Here is the "new" quilt in all its glory. Such wonderful work.


cat in tassie said...

Thanks for the photos, Fran. This is the first time I've seen the Westbury quilt, original or reproduction. And I had a bit of a laugh at the cheese on toast comment :o)

Nola said...

How marvellous, especially that the local quilters would replace it once it went to its home in glory (or, more prosaically, the museum). And with an hommage to the original!

You get to choose the cheese? Here it's mousetrap or none.