Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Early morning mist

A clear beautiful morning with whisps of cloud in the valley.
I went to Hobart again yesterday, leaving very early with G. as he had a meeting. It was a good chance to visit Thelma again, as her husband is still in Royal Hobart after more heart surgery.

We also had lunch with Rob. He steered us towards a great place - a shop that has coffee, flowers, ladies clothes, shoes and handbags.
Meal was great and "dessert" was expensive! (that was had after G and R left to get the chook food from the car) (R inherited 3 chooks with the new rental property and G thought they looked hungry - chooks came quickly when G threw some grass through the fence LOL)

I forgot about the camera tucked in my bag until we left town, so I shot a picture through the car window of the suspension bridge at Bridgewater.



Michelle Watters said...

I like to see the 'arm out the car window' is taking off in other parts of the world.!

Fran said...

But I wasn't driving!!!!