Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scatterday B

Scatterday B, originally uploaded by FranW.

I'm late, I'm late!!!!!
I've been "away" to Smithton, which is on the far north west coast of Tasmania. Very gallantly told a cousin I would come down and "help" with 5 grandchildren for part of the school holidays. What I didn't realise is that Judy has to be at one home at 5.30 AM each morning so the single father of 2 boys aged 3 and 5 can not be left alone. THEN she heads off to her daughter's house with these 2 in tow to look after another 3 boys ages 6, 10 and 13!!! Today was the last day of school holidays and everyone is pleased!
I drove through beautiful scenery. Ah yes, big bull, big paddock full of bulbs, big bluff (The Nut at Stanley or would I use Table Cape?)
I got a few pictures taken, but disaster overtook when on the 2nd day my battery went flat (B....y Battery) and I hadn't bought the spare or the re-charger! So that was that!
Judy even went to a few shops when she was in town "nooo, we don't have them that modern down here! They must be new models!"

My favourite is of course Banjo, and after this week, I think it will be worth money to his parents to make him an only child!
Big things - Boy, branch and big beach (at Stanley)
Shop - Banjo's Bakery

I would like to briefly add that I didn't join in the morning shift but had a leisurely lie-in for 4 mornings and wandered out to the farm in time for lunch bearing delights like small saveloys, cheese and fruit (which I was told they wouldn't eat!)

I also taught a class with the Smithton ladies, a lovely afternoon, after which we went to a local pub for dinner, and I had the large serve of fresh Tassie crumbed and deep fried scallops. I even had them the next night!


Pennie & David said...

LOLOL How easy was this one for you Fran and I do love that photo of Banjo with the big red balloon! What a treasure. cheers Pennie

Liz Needle said...

Well, you could hardly go past Banjo wtih 'B' for the letter. Love the big boy on the beach

Michelle Watters said...

Now who would have guessed you would pick Banjo - and then make him and his name fit in all three categories!