Friday, September 14, 2007

Scatterday Q

Scatterday Q, originally uploaded by FranW.

Yes I know, I'm early but tomorrow is a busy day with Tas. Quilting Guild's AGM, I have to chair the election of office bearers (I hope they have all nominations in for all spots - one for each would be tidy) and I am also giving a Show & Tell of my antique quilts. It's good to air them, goodness knows how long it is since they've been dragged out of their storage trunk and cupboard! My friend Jill is going to take photos for me, so stay tuned.
It's the letter Q this week, easy peasy if you're a quilter. Isn't this a lovely "Q" with its big long flourish (can I call it a curly-Q?)under the rest of the letters in the Quadrant Mall sign in Launceston?

Music - Quartet, Quavers and of course Quilt fabric. I had a lovely time using Microsoft's "Picture It!" (2000 version at least) to cut out this circle. (Small things)

Clothing - Quilted jackets - yes, they're all mine, made starting about 20 years ago. I think 3 still fit, thank goodness the fashion was to make them roomy. Do you notice a colour theme here?

Square things - plenty of quilts in the cupboard, but I thought of my square rulers. There are 7 there and one missing, for the life of me I can't find the 4½" little one LOL!
The top left is the Salem brand, remember those? They were first, but became defunct as they didn't have 1/8th markings on them and we discovered that we needed eighths for "Half Square Triangles"
Another unused one is the metric one, designed by Margaret Rolfe. Australians resisted fiercely changing to metrication for quilting, as most of our books and patterns were still produced in America. The two rulers with masking tape on them are Bias Square rulers and the 3 red ones on the right are from "Sew Easy". I use this brand all the time and can do just about anything with 15", 12" and and the long one!

I don't like Omnigrid as I find them too busy with yellow and black markings (but I find them useful for left handed quilters) and just can't get the hang of Matilda's flourescent variety with the laser cut lines!

I've just remembered where the smaller one is, there could even be more, but I won't boor you any more.


Liz Needle said...

Not just some clever choices, Fran, but a lesson in Quilting history. You are a mine of interesting information.

Di's SnippitS said...

Very quilty Fran, I panicked at first but this letter was quite easy.

Di said...

I love your fabric collage, Fran. One can easily waste hours and hours in these photo editing programmes - I often do!

Dy said...

Quilters squares - brilliant! Nice work on the music collation too!

Christina said...

Very original and you seem to have found it easier than me.


Pennie & David said...

Never thought of square Quilt rulers!! Clever. Pennie