Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Antique Quilts

Today I took my antique quilts to the meeting of the Tasmanian Quilting Guild for "Show & Tell".
I could feel them exhaling as they were draped over the stage! I don't think most of them have seen the light of day for quite some years- part of the preserving process!

None of them have an exciting story to tell, none have a label, none are made by a master quilter but they all have a caring home at the moment.
I'm not sure what will happen to them later, will I ever have a tax problem so that I could "give" them to an institution. Wouldn't that be nice - to have a tax problem I mean! As my grandfather used to say "if you have to pay it means you must have earned it". Cold comfort when I first worked I can tell you!

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