Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jelly Roll Quilt

There are 40 strips in a Jelly Roll ,from each 2½” strip cut 2– 4½” pieces and 2-8½” pieces

You will have about a 16” strip left.
Pair this up with another one of contrasting colour and sew together, then cut this into 4 - 2½” pieces. Sew 2 together, turning one up the other way to make 2 Four patches

You will make 40 of these ( 1 for each strip in Jelly roll)
Select another fabric (colour) from the 2– 4½” pieces and 2-8½” pieces and sew the 2– 4½” pieces to each side,
Press then sew the 2-8½” pieces to the top and bottom - press.
This should measure 8½” square.

The amount of plain 8½” squares added to the quilt is dependant on how big you want to make the quilt.

Mine is 8x8 = 64 squares (quilt is about 80” square)
40 made from the pieced Jelly Roll and 24 un-pieced squares.
You’ll need an extra 6 strips of 25cm in "blousy" florals,
cut into 8½” strips then re-cut into 25 - 8½” squares

Borders are
#1 - 2½” - buy 60 cm.
#2 - 6½” -buy 2.10 metres which will do for borders and binding. The borders are cut down the length of the fabric.
Binding is 2¾”

Norfolk Island Settlers Decendants

IMG_3687, originally uploaded by FranW.

200 years ago, the "City of Edinburgh" departed Norfolk Island bringing the ancestors of Graeme and his cousin Libby to Hobart. The rest they say is history!

Today it was celebrated by a leisurely cruise on the Derwent River aboard the replica tall ship the "Lady Nelson".
A somewhat nippy day but calm, which didn't describe my nerves when I saw Noel don his life jacket! :-)

Hobart from the river presents beautiful scenery, including Government house, Mount Wellington and Sandy Bay.

Friday, October 3, 2008

St Helens Friendship Day

IMG_3643, originally uploaded by FranW.

Heaven, I'm in heaven!!!
This is the country spread one can dream about but rarely experience!
Break 'O Day Stitchers from St Helens certainly did themselves proud with the morning tea for their Friendship Day today.
I'm only showing you the important bits, if you want to seee Show & Tell, you'll have to check the Flickr Set.

Cup Cakes

IMG_3644, originally uploaded by FranW.

I've never been up close and personal to one of these stands actually loaded with cup cakes! I had the one on the bottom left with the yellow lolly on top!