Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy BIrthday Sheila.

A dear friend had her 70th birthday dinner party last night and with lots of mutual friends gathered, it was a good night for all. Sheila and Tony were very good to our family over the 9 years Mum suffered from her stroke. Tony loved mum and was a wonderful backstop whenever dad needed half an hour or so relief or was to be late back from work etc. I am very grateful to them.

It's not often that Graeme and I remember to have a photo taken together as it's always me behind the camera!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Scatterday Z

I've still got the cold bug, cough has hit the bottom on my lungs and has about 2-3 more days to go before it hits the base of my throat again -so all my well meaning friends and customers tell me!
Z is bought to you by Zucchinis - very prolific the last month or so and LPQ members are sneaking them in and leaving them anonymously on the sign in tables on Thursdays at patchwork!
They zealously posed for me and 2 were grateful that I bought them home - they're still languishing in their plastic bag on the bench - I see a zucchini slice coming up in the next few days!
We have our own living Z person at LPQ's - Zoe and her name tag to [porve it's not made up!
Lastly is my Z block from my "LPQ ABC" quilt - ZZZZZ's, zebras and zippers.
I'm a bit sad I couldn't find any Zyzzyva's, Zebrule's, Zibet's nor Zebu's around town.
PS: I am doing Z as I did X when it was poor old Z's turn a while back!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The search for the World's Best Parmigiana

IMG_1793, originally uploaded by FranW.

A belated post, this was almost all eaten in January (except for most of the 10 vegies) when Fran, Lindy and Garry went for a drive to see the wood carvings at Legerwood and then had lunch at Winnaleah Hotel. It's not often you go into a pub and find the bar lady ironing in the lounge!

This is the row of carvings done in Legerwood by Eddie Freeman with his chainsaw. There used to be a row of Macrocarpa pines along here, planted as a World War I and II Memorial. Age wearied them and they have now been converted to wonderful sculptures.

Only movement along the main street in Winnaleah!


Isn't it worth it?

Isn't it worth it?, originally uploaded by FranW.
Sitting and looking at the pictures on the quilt is much more satisfying than reading a book!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Scatterdays N - Mineral - nothing

Mineral nothing, originally uploaded by FranW.

After more than 20 years and possibly millions of dollars, my father has said -"No More, there are No Minerals there!" Hip hip Hooray!!!!

The last assays of the latest "Fantastic Site" finally told him - a big fat zero!!!!

He has sold his Jackaroo, well donated the proceeds of it from an auction, to the local Community Club, so that means he can "bush bash" no longer. Mind you, he still has one 4 wheel drive, a very old Tercel.

Sad isn't it that at Nearly 87 you have to give up your life long dream of finding gold. It's a disease really and I'm sure he had much more pleasure doing all of his prospecting than some people sitting at a poker machine and thrusting money into it!...and much fitter for it as well.

.....mind you, he's heard a rumour that someone reckons there's gas leaks out in Andersons Bay (Bridport) and it should be looked into. The perpetraters of said rumour are long since gone and were both terrible drunks!

At least it gives him a reason to get up in the morning- if an 85 years old girlfriend isn't enough!

Oh, the photo is of the rock cutting saw he has in his shed. I may have shown the photo of the piles of rocks he wont let us take away as he's saving them for his old age! (how old is old age???)

Scatterday N Human-Nic

Nic, originally uploaded by FranW.

Having a Human N in the family is lucky for you guys this week, as my nose is revolting! I have had a dreadful cold for over a week now and my nose shows the most of it and if that wasn't enough, my hacking cough would waken the dead!

Scatterday -Little Things-Nuts

Nuts, originally uploaded by FranW.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a way to spend Easter!

We arrived at Bridport to 2 loads of woodchips and 1 of manfern mulch in the front yard, lovingly deposited by my brother Pete. Graeme and I have spent a few hours weeding a section of the large garden and dumping waste 6" thick. Nothing much grows through it and when it finally does it's so easy to pull out! It's been quite some time since we've had a good working bee in the garden doing this, I think that another 3 loads are in order, but not this year! LOL.

Pete and Kim will join us after lunch and then I can be the overseer. He has some sort of plan for the manfern mulch, and if he doesn't get here soon, I will be over it!
The part that we've done already looks so nice and neat.

Sadly we have lost many many precious plants in the past 13 years since mum had her stroke and passed away 4 years ago. She loved her garden and spend all day in it frequently.

As this is now our holiday home and Dad's home (another sory for another day!), we do not come down to garden, but realise that sessions with a chainsaw, roundup and lawnmower are essential and to top it off, cover what hasn't got plants or lawn with woodchips! It also makes you feel like something's been achieved!

What I haven't mentioned is that I am into my second week of a rotten cold and I have been feeeling like ......

My Scatterdays will be done - late!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scatterday V(2)

I am not going to waste this picture having had Graeme drive around town a few weeks ago looking for a sign. The building is pink and there is also a pink cross on the T - bonus!

Then I found one -unposed while we were in Brisbane that fits the other 2 categories of big and pink.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where have I been? Brisbane!!!

Home late last night, meeting all day today, Robert's arrived for a "surprise" visit and I have a sore throat, talk later!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scatterday O2

In A Library - Now I don't have a library as such, but I do have a huge collection of books scattered all over the house. 6 rooms have bookcases and here I am showing ONLY patchwork books (not all) OLD magazines, OLD books and Other patchwork books.
Sweet Things - The O Block from my ABC quilt is showing an ORANGE. Next is an orange jube segment from the OPEN container. The Sweets were made at Nature's Works - does that make them healthy?
Also on the block is an OWL and I vaguely remember that Harry Potter's OWL Occasionally visited the library.
Something Hawaiian - The main island of Hawaii is called O'ahu and here are photos from our 2005 holiday.