Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scatterday O2

In A Library - Now I don't have a library as such, but I do have a huge collection of books scattered all over the house. 6 rooms have bookcases and here I am showing ONLY patchwork books (not all) OLD magazines, OLD books and Other patchwork books.
Sweet Things - The O Block from my ABC quilt is showing an ORANGE. Next is an orange jube segment from the OPEN container. The Sweets were made at Nature's Works - does that make them healthy?
Also on the block is an OWL and I vaguely remember that Harry Potter's OWL Occasionally visited the library.
Something Hawaiian - The main island of Hawaii is called O'ahu and here are photos from our 2005 holiday.


Michelle Watters said...

Looks like Oahu is going to get a good run. Lucky really. Those mags are amazing Fran!

Lindi said...

Sweet! Love the orange segment. They are so yummy.

Cinzia said...

Snap for Ohau ... that makes eight of us so far:-)

Pennie & David said...

Fran... how on earth do you know what books you have or where a pattern is?? Amazing collection of Patchwork and Quilting books, I'm impressed.

Quiltycat said...

What a collection Fran!
Maybe I should stop culling mine? Carmel