Monday, March 24, 2008

Scatterdays N - Mineral - nothing

Mineral nothing, originally uploaded by FranW.

After more than 20 years and possibly millions of dollars, my father has said -"No More, there are No Minerals there!" Hip hip Hooray!!!!

The last assays of the latest "Fantastic Site" finally told him - a big fat zero!!!!

He has sold his Jackaroo, well donated the proceeds of it from an auction, to the local Community Club, so that means he can "bush bash" no longer. Mind you, he still has one 4 wheel drive, a very old Tercel.

Sad isn't it that at Nearly 87 you have to give up your life long dream of finding gold. It's a disease really and I'm sure he had much more pleasure doing all of his prospecting than some people sitting at a poker machine and thrusting money into it!...and much fitter for it as well.

.....mind you, he's heard a rumour that someone reckons there's gas leaks out in Andersons Bay (Bridport) and it should be looked into. The perpetraters of said rumour are long since gone and were both terrible drunks!

At least it gives him a reason to get up in the morning- if an 85 years old girlfriend isn't enough!

Oh, the photo is of the rock cutting saw he has in his shed. I may have shown the photo of the piles of rocks he wont let us take away as he's saving them for his old age! (how old is old age???)

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