Friday, March 28, 2008

Scatterday Z

I've still got the cold bug, cough has hit the bottom on my lungs and has about 2-3 more days to go before it hits the base of my throat again -so all my well meaning friends and customers tell me!
Z is bought to you by Zucchinis - very prolific the last month or so and LPQ members are sneaking them in and leaving them anonymously on the sign in tables on Thursdays at patchwork!
They zealously posed for me and 2 were grateful that I bought them home - they're still languishing in their plastic bag on the bench - I see a zucchini slice coming up in the next few days!
We have our own living Z person at LPQ's - Zoe and her name tag to [porve it's not made up!
Lastly is my Z block from my "LPQ ABC" quilt - ZZZZZ's, zebras and zippers.
I'm a bit sad I couldn't find any Zyzzyva's, Zebrule's, Zibet's nor Zebu's around town.
PS: I am doing Z as I did X when it was poor old Z's turn a while back!


cinzia said...

Zebra and zucchini just sitting staring one in the face but I never thought of either and neither turned up in my word search either

Michelle Watters said...

Well done Fran. X and Z! Just wanted to let you know next week is letter A, the first letter of the alphabet and not to be confused with any others.

Pennie & David said...

Your poor 'lings' Fran, I hope they survive :-) Sorry your typo really tickled my fancy this morning.

Christina said...

I thought the letter was X could have found plenty of Zs

DoubleL said...

Gawd near the lings aye.... made me laugh too.

Lindi said...

Nice change from the X s.
I assume you corrected the lings. They seem to have disappeared.