Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a way to spend Easter!

We arrived at Bridport to 2 loads of woodchips and 1 of manfern mulch in the front yard, lovingly deposited by my brother Pete. Graeme and I have spent a few hours weeding a section of the large garden and dumping waste 6" thick. Nothing much grows through it and when it finally does it's so easy to pull out! It's been quite some time since we've had a good working bee in the garden doing this, I think that another 3 loads are in order, but not this year! LOL.

Pete and Kim will join us after lunch and then I can be the overseer. He has some sort of plan for the manfern mulch, and if he doesn't get here soon, I will be over it!
The part that we've done already looks so nice and neat.

Sadly we have lost many many precious plants in the past 13 years since mum had her stroke and passed away 4 years ago. She loved her garden and spend all day in it frequently.

As this is now our holiday home and Dad's home (another sory for another day!), we do not come down to garden, but realise that sessions with a chainsaw, roundup and lawnmower are essential and to top it off, cover what hasn't got plants or lawn with woodchips! It also makes you feel like something's been achieved!

What I haven't mentioned is that I am into my second week of a rotten cold and I have been feeeling like ......

My Scatterdays will be done - late!

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