Thursday, March 27, 2008

The search for the World's Best Parmigiana

IMG_1793, originally uploaded by FranW.

A belated post, this was almost all eaten in January (except for most of the 10 vegies) when Fran, Lindy and Garry went for a drive to see the wood carvings at Legerwood and then had lunch at Winnaleah Hotel. It's not often you go into a pub and find the bar lady ironing in the lounge!

This is the row of carvings done in Legerwood by Eddie Freeman with his chainsaw. There used to be a row of Macrocarpa pines along here, planted as a World War I and II Memorial. Age wearied them and they have now been converted to wonderful sculptures.

Only movement along the main street in Winnaleah!


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Catherine said...

Hi Fran,
Found your blog! Was dieing to send a smart bum comment to you about your patience but couldnt work out how, now have lost the moment and the right words. (Doesnt happen much) But seriously you did teach me alot, with or without patience, but thats fine, its not one of my finer qualities either!
Happy Stitching Cathy