Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scatterdays W

Scatterdays w, originally uploaded by FranW.

This had me stumped for days and I was loosing sleep! I took photos of stuff, white that and thats, thinking it would do. Anyhow, the drugs kicked in and I was able to think again, so here is my offering.

W for wave
Black things- Washing-our socks for the last few days plus my fantastic view
Tools - This foot was made for Walking
Game- White men don't play alone but they do for this exercise!


Pennie & David said...

Flippin Heck!!! How clever are you Fran... Black socks, Walking foot (I've got two of them) and White chess men! This Scatterday thing is such fun1 Pennie

Jodie said...

I wish I had thought of a quilty tool. I need to get out of the kitchen. As for your question about the whisks....Well I start with the obvious they all whisk. A fork would do the job just as well I am sure, but fork doesn’t start with “W”, lol. The little one with the white handle is brilliant and the only one I really use!

Liz Needle said...

Very clever, Fran. No wonder your poor brain is wracked thinking up such tortured intelligence.

Michelle Watters said...

There's some lateral thinking going on in your head Fran - well done.