Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scatterday P

Scatterday P, originally uploaded by FranW.

A bit late again today, never mind!
P it is and once again I became confused because there's a colour as a topic!
My pin holder is not only red but also metal and we easily identify with the postman's red van and Australia posts logo.
Sweets - I am becoming braver with my photo gathering so I went across the road into the CWA shop and asked what cakes they had beginning with P so Marj opened the Peppermint slice container and the other helper couldn't help herself so she shot around from the craft side and suggested Plum Puddings!
Metal - postbox, Public toilet and no Parking sign and another (red) sign for a Pasta shop!

PSBB- I am just checking this and once again my right hand side pictures are cropped! grrrr.

Thanks to Michelle, who asked where I was orientating the picture, I didn't change that bit but I did discover where I could make is smaller :-)


Jodie said...

Hey, snap on the post box!

Christina said...

so many lovely sweet things that begin with P great ideas...

Anonymous said...

Great objects Fran. This was my first go, so maybe it becomes easier?

Have you tried to upload the image as medium sized rather than large? Maybe that might help.

J next week. Sharp things. Have no idea.

Pennie & David said...

Very yummy looking slice Fran and Bravo on your shop photographing bravery LOL I found out why the photos get cropped and fixed it on the SydneySCQuilters Blog... you have to go to an older edition of Template... check it out and see if there is something to click asking if you want to go back, you may loose your Template photo though, worth it though I reckon because I like and need big photos :-)

Michelle Watters said...

You are getting very clever and brave with your photos Fran I love them. I think I want some of that slice.

Dy said...

Oooo, that Peppermint Slice looks very yummy!

Nola said...

Lots of postboxes this time..
I asked my local patisserie (they don't have a sign saying that, damn)what they had beginning with a P, and although I explained what I wanted to the lad behind the counter, he was very dim to get it. The shop owner is more understanding, albeit a bit humourless. They had pecan pie but I wasn't going to buy a slice to photograph because neither of us likes it. So three cheers for your very helpful shop ladies!