Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sewing Room

The furniture's been shuffled around and the table Graeme found under the house is in position. The machine is no longer dropped into a flat bed but on top of the table with a perspex surround. My chair is up so high now my feet don't hit the floor, so that's the next problem! :-) I think there should be a small shelf somewhere that the TV used to sit on, I wonder where that is?

The old Horn table is there too, I would like to "audition" one of the Horn Craft Tables - slightly higher and the ends flip out when needed, it's a bit bigger than the Sewing cabinet and I won't rush out and order one until I am sure, but how does one know unless it is put in place???? Such a dilemma!

The top over the back of the chair is one I did at our retreat - "Magic 9 Patch" with autumn leaves and 48 hand dyes from Ami (ex-Oz Dye Arts).
The quilt on the end of the table is waiting binding and is a woven design with frog fabrics and a frog quilting design.

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