Thursday, October 18, 2007

Girl's Night In

Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters had a Girl's Night In last night to raise money for Breast Cancer. Two years ago when we had it we asked for squares of pink fabric and over time we made 2 butterfly quilts. We handed one over to team members from the local Dragons Abreast group to use for future fund raising efforts. Their Dragon boat arrives in November and they will then be able to graduate from sitting on chairs in the boat shed to paddling in the genuine thing on water!

I'm looking forward to it too as I will get a wonderful view of them from home, especially if they get marooned on the mud bank at Home Point, they have been warned!
We were also treated to a Tap dance and song routine by the Patchworking Pitter Patterers. Kaye from LPQ's, her sister Christine and cousin Glenice-their family Christmases must be hilarious!

Also pictured are the winners in the decorated slipper contest. Kaye's 2 sisters, is this family extroverted or what?

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Nola said...

What a hoot - the Pitterpatterers and the decorated footware. The quilt is so pretty!