Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I had lunch today with dad and his girlfriend, Marie.He reckons he's a cradle snatcher as she's only 84 - he's 86!

He doesn't come into town often, but he had an appointment with his Urologist -say no more!

This is a shot of him in one of his sheds - he has a habit of when one gets too messy, to just take over another building, build a new one or buy old wardrobes.

This one is a lean-to built along the side of next door's fence, with a roof and a few old cupboards as a wall. The wall at the other end is another shed!

Anyhow, he wanted some new shelves to put "stuff" on, this is the result. He is not a handyman, we grew up with Uncle Barry, a plumber and Uncle Brian who was a builder always on call. We reckoned dad wouldn't even know where the hammer was. Now he doesn't worry, he either goes and buys another one or builds Lego-like constructions. (errrrkkkk - I am seeing similarities here!)

At his left is a rock saw- he took up "looking for gold" later in life, after he left mum and took up women and horses, but I could go on ---- and on!

This picture is of him with Lloyd (he's a few years older than dad) at the other end of the shed looking at cores from the drilling - this is no amateur mining we're talking about here! This is serious men's business! There's also Jo who goes out with him, will show picture later of "Dad's Army"

Life with dad has never been boring, just very frustrating a lot of the time, due to his bad hearing and his reluctance to wear his hearing aide, which he decided he needed when he became good friends with Marie (as opposed to just friends which the family has been for a long time).
We also have a collection of old water tanks - they make good sheds too!
I have many stories about him, but above is by way of introduction.

I am also grateful for Marie, for now when I ring up and ask him how he's going, he always answers "Never been better" , which is good! :-)

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