Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sewing area re-arranging!

There's been a lot of chat on SCQuilters the last few days about sewing cabinets, sitting position and bad backs.

I have had my Horn sewing cabinet since 1974, so I guess it doesn't owe me anything now, but my Lovely Bernina 440 doesn't sit at all well in the flatbed - built for the 830's - I have several for spares :-)

The chat got me thinking about what I could do other than stop sewing (ha).
Anyhow, I realised that I couldn't continue in this sewing position for another 30 years so I got thinking. Luckily the local Bernina shop had one of the big perpex tables that fitted it but what could I put it on, as it was too big for the Horn cabinet and the pine table I use for cutting out on has a piece of wood underneath that makes sewing uncomfortable. I was ready to race off to the hardware store to buy a big piece of timber 80cm x 220cm but Graeme had a fossick under the house and found a table that he'd made for the shop. I know we replaced them for some reason and I think it's because we used to sit on them and with the weight of us and the timber the legs started to buckle! LOL. BUT, it gives me breathing space and an area to try to see if this is going to suit me, without spending any money (Oh, I just remembered I have just bought the clear table for the machine LOL).

It's all set up in one of the spare bedrooms and I'm supposed to be cleaning my sewing area so we can have the big swap around.

I already have plans for the pine table - have it restored, swap it with the dining room table and get rid of that pine table. My mind's in a whirl!

If this works, I think I will look for 2 sets of drawers to put at either end to support the heavy top. Oh, forgot to mention it's out of Tasmanian Sassafras timber - I am a sawmiller's daughter! He doesn't mill now, he's 86 and only looks for gold now. Remind me to talk about dad one day and his girlfriend of 84 :-)

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