Saturday, December 1, 2007

Scatterday M

I had a mental block for this week's, don't know why once I'd seen every one's.
I had decided what I was going to use and was also going to be terribly organised as I had a meeting and Christmas lunch today for Tasmanian Quilting Guild, but I sent the computer off to be serviced Thursday and the suggestion was to get a new hard drive, sigghhhh, which they had in store, how convenient!!! So the computer was there Friday too. Gee I get lonely without it, it's a bit like when the power's off and you think of all the things you can do with the spare time. Sadly most of it entails using electricity!

Anyhow, here's this week's choice.
The wooden rulers again come in handy.
Texture - Mulchy (told you I was digging deep)
Weapon - Meat Mallet (Dad has a Maddock handle behind his kitchen door - glad he forgot it was there when he had the intruder and "showed hima thing or two!")
Hobby - Machine patchwork

You know, I tote my camera around with me daily and like my mobile phone, forget it's there!
Went to Hobart on Tuesday for a drive and lunch with Robert and Graeme - nothing taken.

I blame the drugs.


Pennie & David said...

Machine... Yep!! That's one of my Hobbies as well but never thought of it of course.

Dy said...

I know what you mean about the computer being gone - it's like losing an arm!
Mulch is a great texture.

Anonymous said...

Great choices Fran. Your Dad sounds like such an interesting man - I bet he leads you a merry dance!

rooruu said...

Your Dad sounds like quite a character! (Machine patchwork - wish I'd thought of that).

Michelle Watters said...

You did very well for a drug addict with no technology.

Nola said...

Oh yeah, machine work.... and mulch... don't know what became of the meat mallet, but David has several different mallets in his workshop, including a metal one I use to bash in tomato stakes. Sigh.