Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scatterday Y

Scatterday Y, originally uploaded by FranW.

I'm now officially at the beach until the end of January, but could I find anything Y that pertained to our beautiful views - nooooo!!!!

Green -Yard - out neighbour but one, Garry has this fantastic type of grass growing at his place, watered a wee bit it stays green all year. This is his front yard looking across the road towards some vans at the camping area that stretches right around the bay at Bridport

Animal - Yawn - so this is Christmas????? Scruffy and Will are less than impressed with it all, especially their daggy decorated collars they've been made to wear all day.

School Days - Yarns- 2 of my school mates from Lilydale Primary school. Garry and Arie who also have homes almost next door. Every year for many years now, we re-hash the same old school stories, catch up on who's doing what and who's died.


Christina said...

Yawn well guess when you are stuck it will have to do. Didn't think abiut the green yard.

Lindi said...

Have those dogs been drinking? No wonder they're yawning, alcohol makes me sleepy too.

Michelle Watters said...

Very clever Frannie. Snap on the yard.

Pennie & David said...

I like Yawn, we are a clever bunch when on the hunt for a word aren't we. Have a lovely time in Bridport I hope the weather is kind.

Dy said...

Even on holidays you're still brilliant - love the yawning dogs!

Di's SnippitS said...

Well done Fran. Makes you feel good doesn't it that you still keep in contact with school friends. My Bonnie thinks the same about Christmas as your dogs do........completely unimpressed although she didn't mind the turkey.