Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Graeme

IMG_1279, originally uploaded by FranW.

It's his birthday today - 61 years young!
Family tea at a local pub - wonderful meal.

This is the view from The Riverview towards "home". We're to the far right, maybe not quite in the picture, it was getting dark.

We're normally on the hill looking towards town.


Dya said...

a very happy birthday to you from Holland.
I hope you are doing very well!
Is that a 'Heineken' in your hand?

I just discovered your blog this weekend and wanted to write, so here I am. It is a Dutch custom (is that word OK? I wonder)anyway we always congratulate the wive aswell as the birthday-victim, so congratulations to you for your husbands birthday! Hope you'll witness a lot more of them.

Dy said...

Happy Birthday Graeme! Best wishes from Dy and Steve

Pennie & David said...

Happy Birthday to you Graeme... I was just checking the Scatterdaises to see who Blogs during the week and so far you're the only one I've found Fran!!