Friday, February 8, 2008

Scatterday I

Scatterday I, originally uploaded by FranW.

Back at Bridport again, this time with Nic and Banjo. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day and we can head to the beach.

Scatterday I was done early and up,loaded in haste - I'm sure I got the right letter this week! :-)

Yellow - Isosceles Triangle (we have the 33 year old Tupperware Shapes out for Banjo), Yellow Insect fabric from the shop.

Australian - Indigenous fabrics and a Quilt made from those Indigenous fabrics.

Something you would find in the air - Influenza and Is it going to rain?


Anonymous said...

We have one of those Shape-o's. Gosh, I'd forgotten all about it. Great choices, Banjo looks gorgeous above.

Michelle Watters said...

Good ones Frannie. It's funny how things turn up when you need them. Would you have ever thought to go and find that isoceles triangle if Banjo wasn't coming? And that boy is gorgeous.

Cinzia said...

Love your quilt. Do you have a larger image on the web somewhere?

DoubleL said...

Excellent choice with indigenous fabrics - nice selection of them too.

Pennie & David said...

Just love all your choices Fran and I never thought of any of them, clever you. And... Yes my Indians are yellow, a tad faded but they are yellow :-)

Quiltycat said...

Very clever with the triangle Fran!
That Tupperware just keeps on keeping on.
And loved the photo of the fabric and the quilt! Carmel

Lindi said...

Very clever indeedy! I bet no-one else thought of isosceles triangle.
I should have thought of indigenous fabric - I've been buying enough of lately. I even have a yellow one I could have waved in the air! LOL

Dy said...

Indigenous fabric - great choice! And I'm having a giggle at your influenza photo.... all those people wearing masks!

Liz Needle said...

Clever thinking Fran. The isosceles triangle is a stroke of genius.