Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scatterday "Frame that View"

Scatterdays are here again,
the sky above is clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Scatterdays are here again!!!!

Di Soupy's in charge this time and I've just read :
"The photo does not have to be of a landscape it can be taken indoors or out, macro or wide angle or what ever you fancy.Please post 3 of your best photos on this theme to your blog in the last week of June. You can put photos up at any time during the month as well if you like."

Well I will post one today and feel as if I am at least a third of the way done, but as I am heading off to Brisbane 17-23 to visit the family, this might be it.

The photo is of Mount Arthur from Lilydale. I also see Mount Arthur from my house in Lilydale so if I'm feeling artistic one day and the weather's clear I will try another shot.
As for macro and wide angle lenses !!!!! my camera's just a point and shoot, hope that qualifies?

I grew up at Lilydale, a half hour drive north-east from Launceston. A beautiful spot at the base of Mount Arthur. There's a saying "When there's snow on Mount Arthur, it's cold!"
It's not a really high mountain by Australian standards, and doesn't have snow a lot - for that fact, not many of our mountains are often covered with snow !

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Pennie & David said...

Wow...that's terrific Fran but what is that blue thing that frames the view??