Friday, May 9, 2008

Autumn along the rivulet

I thought I'd better capture this before all of the leaves disappeared.

It's just one the great things about living in Tasmania - our seasons!

A lovely day today - weather wise and for productivity.

I've had lots of blue and yellow strips cut out for gaes to participate in a SCQuilters 9 Patch swap, I am too late to join in now, but today was the day to start. Lots of strips sewn together and I am now cutting them again.
It will all end up as a "Magic 9 Patch" - one day.

This is one I made last year using 8" squares of Oz-Dye Arts hand dyes plus Autumn fabrics. It grew really quickly. The fabrics in the quilt are not quite as bright as the photo, but doesn't it look like the colours I see from my front patio?

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