Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where I have been....

It's ages since I posted - but I've been away in more ways than one!
I got a rotten summer cold 3 March, Dad had a mini stroke and was hospitalised on the 4th, out to dinner on the 7th for my birthday and DS #2 had arrived home from India "as a surprise".
On the 12th, Graeme and I went on a wonderful trip to Syria and Egypt, the Tantalising Textile Tour with Jenny Bowker as our leader. It was wonderful and only marred by me falling off a 4" path 2 steps away from safely leaving Cairo!

After having carefully trodden my way through unmade streets, souks, ruins and the like around these 2 countries I go and break a bone in my left foot and sprain my right with 3 nights left, supposedly winding down in Dubai! Sighhhhh!!!!!

The Dubai hospital system is to be commended (recommended?) for its hospitality and cost! (wonderful and free)

Erk!!!! I have slim legs really (best part of me) It's the perspective!
After being home for a few days it was Easter, so Bridport was on the agenda then home again for a few days before attending SCQuilters' Retreat in Adelaide.

I came home to scaffolding, painters, roofers, electricians. Tomorrow it should all be over and I will be able to bring the car down close to the house and maybe start driving again. Not sure how I will go with a moon-boot on my left foot though!

We saw amazing textiles from all over the Middle East, with several memorable visits. A shop that sells antique textiles in Damascus and a visit to the Tent Maker's Souk in Cairo.

Thanks to the people who have contacted me about sharing my free pattern with their groups. I really appreciate being asked and love to know that you like my simple and easy designs.

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