Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scatterday A-2

I am late again, mainly because I still have this rotten cold and my brain has gone numb!

Found one restaurant with an A name, found his brother's shop too! Rob, DS2 said that it was cheating, but I explained to him it wasn't so much the answer but the effort involved in getting the photos! :-) (isn't it?) (probably no one will read this anyhow as I am a day late)

Ask me about the effort in getting the photos onto the blog, takes longer than getting the pics! Frustrating, I think I need to close machine down, have a walk, lunch and start again!

Something you find in the dark revealed that with a flash - "Absolutely Nothing" so I took a photo of our Alarm and it showed that it has a turquoise Number pad. (note to self - clean number pad)


Dy said...

For a girl with a numb brain you have done very well Fran :-)
Turquoise alarm is very clever!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Stephanie said...

I read it Fran - cause I'm late too.

Nola said...

Not too bad going, Fran, despite obstacles! And yes I read it, even though we're into K now.

cinzia said...

Love 'absolutely nothing' and although I may be a week late in checking this out it has still been worth doing as otherwise what could I have read when searching for your K Scatterday! yes I know I'm early but...