Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scatterday T-2 (My Neighbourhood)

This is NOT a toy boat! There is a man in that pedalling. What a fantastic feeling it must have been.

Looking up into the Gorge.

Let me get at that bird!!

From the Chair lift, the Basin side.

The happy couple.

Killing one Bird with half a stone here. Scatterday (late again) is bought to you by T and the words Square, Blue (my current mood) and In My Neighbourhood.

Well the last one was easy - I live in Trevallyn, sitting above the lovely (if somewhat muddy) Tamar River. Today was a perfect Autumn day so we went for a walk from the start of the Tamar, along the South Esk River and up to the Gorge. This is a natural basin in the river, which in winter and with plentiful rain (what's that?) fills up and floods the lower areas around the man made swimming pool.

The chair lift is said to be the longest single span ride in Australia and goes across from one side (Gorge side) to the other (Basin side). Locals will know what I mean. It's something I have never done in all the years it's been established and today was it. We sat underneath it at the Restaurant having coffee and muffin and wondered what had we been waiting for???? It was wonderful, the view, the photo opportunities and the weather.

Check for yourself. This shows it up much better than I can describe. We are so lucky having this just 1 k from our door!

The peacocks are still around but are waiting for the daffodils to bloom and so will they.

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Lindi said...

How beautiful is that scenery! It would drive the blues away for a while at least.
Blues must be in the air at the moment. Every second person I've talked to has been feeling blue, and so have I.