Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Designs

Because I have just received a query about whether I wholesale or not, it made me realise that there are many quilts that have not been recorded on this site.

Amish Clothes Line - quilts are 5"

Michale's Menagerie - a simple design to use that special fabric.

The Picanniny Quilt - single bed 8" blocks.

There is also a wall-hanging pattern with 6" blocks and patched border

Heavenly Hoffmans - a very large quilt using the wonderful florals that Hoffmans "used" to do.

There is also a pattern using same design and "I Spy" fabrics with bright tone-on-tones for stars.

Appropriately called Heavenly I Spy

Bright Medallion designed as a round robin for a Quilt Shop Hop

I Spy Stars - easy pieced stars, plain points with I Spy centres.

Love Bugz - lovely chubby hearts with I Spy fabrics, solid fabrics for backgrounds


DoubleL said...

I made a heavenly Hoffmans years ago too - still one of my favourites. They are great looking quilts.

Bizarre Quilter said...

I made a Heavenly Hoffmans too! Was that your design?

I made it from my stash as a wedding gift for my Mum 6 years ago...

Loz in Oz