Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Am I glad today is over!

Today was set-up day for our exhibition. Now I am no spring chicken and I consider myself one of the "younger" members of LPQ's, but there were many older than I in attendance today helping to set up. I've just had a recovery session with my feet in a basin of 'Lectric Soda, let's hope it works!
We've hung over 160 quilts and lots of bits and pieces from our monthly mini-workshops.
It's not a judged show, but we have a viewer's choice prize for visitors. That's it!
It's a show for members to display their quilts for family and friends to see what they've been up to. A time for us all to be proud of what we achieve. It's always been happy event and finishes all too soon. Today is the hardest day, but what a moment of satisfaction at 3.30PM to be almost complete other than a few labels for quilts to be finished up.

Our menfolk are wonderful turning up and erecting all of our stands, our members are as equally as wonderful for making the quilts, cooking and manning the show.

I am soooooo..... tired though! :-)

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Sue said...

Good luck for your show. I'm sure it will be Fabbo