Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Launceston Patchworker & Quilters Exhibition is this weekend!

It's a lot of hard work setting up an exhibition which then ends all too quickly.
LPQ's (Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters) are having their first one for 5 years.
Over 160 quilts will be hung - somewhere!
It will be a wonderful exhibition, we will all have a great time and then in 4 days time it will all be over.

I can't show quilts yet - mainly because they are all bagged up on the lounge room floor ready to be popped into the car, but I can show 2 tops made for The Quilt Patch as samples.

C U in Bali is my "C-Section" design made up in batiks. This was the design we made 18 quilts for the Victorian Fire Relief. I didn't have one for myself, nor a commercial pattern. Now I do!
One Bali Pops roll plus 16 more strips. (Kits available for $80 - pattern included)

I have also just made a top from a "Layer Cake" - I lay awake all night wondering how to set 40 blocks - 5 wide by 8 long is such an awkward shape - too rectangular! By about 3PM I'd decided to make it 6x6 and use the 4 left over as a side for a bag etc etc!!!!
Undid the Layer Cake and what do I read??? 42 squares - 2 bonus ones, which makes for a better sized quilt of 6 blocks wide by 7 long! When did they start adding the 2 "bonus" squares?? Never mind, the quilt quickly got made (top only) and I'm please with it.
I used a stack and shuffle method, 6 fabrics at a time, paying attention to values between the fabrics, cut it up as one square and moved the top central piece onto the bottom - understand?
I called it "Happy Cakes" Happy because I worked it out and Cakes in honour of the bundle! Weird? yup!!!!

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