Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lone Stars in Kaffe's

Fran Wlliiams - Lone Stars in Kaffe, originally uploaded by FranW.

I found out yesterday that one person _was_ reading my blog, thank you Jenny!!!!

I've finished off a few quilts this year, this is the latest. I began it last year at Tas SCQuilter's Retreat at Camp Clayton.
One star made and the strata sewn and strips cut to complete the other stars.
Of course I came home from Retreat and it languished in its box for months (and months!) The pattern is from the book "Jelly Roll Quilts" by Pam & Nicky Lintott.
This is the second quilt I have made from this book and I have at least another 2 marked - great value!!!

I had breakfast with a very dear friend this morning for her 60th. birthday and gave her a quilt - another one made from Kaffe's earlier last year. I had it marked for her when I was making it as it was through her I first "met" with Kaffe when he designed knitting patterns.

I found this unpublished blog from way back, sorry!

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Jane Bloomfield said...

Hi Fran -
Have just found your blog after looking for Magic 9 Patch images and trying to decide whether or not to start with the large square top left or the zinger. Still haven't decided.
However, love your quilts but I am wondering if you have patterns for two of them which I may purchase? One is the block quilt on this post and the other is from your 2008 Olympic Marathon quilt challenge (where you had your Magic 9 Patch quilt) which is the black and white one with the colourful zingers inside making a square. I would be interested in purchasing both patterns (or if they are in books, would you mind letting me know which books)?
I can't believe how many quilts you get done - fantastic! Many are way beyond my capability but I can manage squares and rectangles. Stars and triangles (unless flying geese) are a bit beyond me.
All the best with your quilts and I am sure your recipients are delighted and thrilled with your gifts.
Many thanks.
Cheers -