Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I was talking Blogs to someone today and she asked me if I Blogged! Oh dear, I had to admit I was a very casual one now but I enjoyed hers a lot!

If nothing else is achieved on this Blog I should at least catalogue quilts finished and given away.

  July 2012. This one was given to my cousin Brigit Thomson

and this is the back.

July 2012  Cousin, Rachelle Bardenhagen

                                         Granddaughter Maggie Williams, for her big bed.  April 2012

                                                            July 2012   Cousin, David Thomsom

 May 2012 for Archie Williams, great nephew (I feel old!) Johnathon (father of Archie) and me.
 July 2012  Jessie Thomson, cousin

I have lots of cousins! I think the 7 on the Spotswood side all have one now and I have no desire to make one for the 30 off first cousins on the Bardenhagen side! One cousin and her 4 kids are on the list and that's it.

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