Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm on a roll! I have just remembered one more quilt given away this year, to my wonderful neighbours at Bridport, John and Doreen.
John has mowed the lawns for us for a few years now. It's lovely to drive into the yard and have a house that looks like it's loved, thanks John.

I began making this quilt as a Bridport project, one I did when I was there. Doreen is also a quilter and knitter and crocheter etc was always interested in what I was making. She seemed to love this quilt as it grew so I then thought that I might give it to them once it was completed. From then on it was always to me "Doreen and John's Quilt" . It finally became completed about a year later and I entered it into the quilting exhibition that is held every year in June at Scottsdale. I took it over next door for "Show & Tell" as I was a bit concerned that it might be a wee bit too flowery for the man of the house. Imagine my surprise when I got an email call the next day asking if they could buy the quilt. How could I sell it to them when it was already theirs??? :-)
I am not good at selling quilts, the money is nice but putting a price on them? I know how long it takes and exactly how much it costs, you just don't get your money back for any craft. (I am a crafter, not an artist!)

I prevaricated, said I'd think about it but first it needed to go to the Scottsdale exhibition.

The day it arrived back to me at Bridport, I unpicked the calico that was covering the label and took it next door. Lots of tears from all, :-) and two very happy neighbours. I love quilting and giving them away to loved ones, what more can you ask for? I still have an obscene amount of fabric, it will never all be used in my lifetime and neither of my daughter in laws are interested in sewing. Mind you, I am showing a young cousin the ropes, there may be light at the end of the family tree tunnel yet!

Everything but the Kitchen Sink, a scrap quilt.

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