Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dad's Army

Dad's Army 22 Jan 08, originally uploaded by FranW.

When you're this old, you need to travel with company! Besides, Jo is a whippersnapper at only 83, has a mobile phone (walky talky) and knows how to use it. Frank 86 (Dad) is the driver - a good one and Lloyd 89 - well he knows everyone too, still has his license as well and cares for his wife who is blind. They all should wear hearing aides but don't and just shout at each other!
They're an amazing lot and go off often, exploring.
Today they went to check out the remains of a huge bushfire we had last week nearby. It went through a block of Dad's and many other's.
Anyone who is invited to accompany them is sure to travel on roads they've never been on before.

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