Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scatterday N

Scatterday N, originally uploaded by FranW.

Today's Scatterday has been bought to you by the letter N and a great deal of thought!
Another B...week where we're given a colour as one of the topics, yech!!!!
Navel Orange or orange on a navel, whatever!
New potatoes - potatoes were originally from South America, did you all know that? These are growing in the old compost heaps from our neighbour here at Bridport.
Nasturtiums - well more the seeds from them that make those awful tasting seeds called capers. Apparently they're good for you, well that's what I get told when I pick them out of food!


Liz Needle said...

Love the navel, Fran Is it yours?

Dy said...

snap, I am laughing about the navel and wondered who it belonged to

Pennie & David said...

LOL It's funny how a simple colour can mess with our heads when doing Scatterdays isn't it eh!

Jodie said...

new potatoes is a good one.