Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Am I loosing "IT"?

IMG_1950, originally uploaded by FranW.

You know you're getting old when your father brings you vegetables instead of flowers from an old flame! (CArbon footprint - nil - after all they were free!)

Dad's Army went off today to see where the bush fires had been. 2,600 acres razed along a lovely coastline about 20 minutes from Bridport (home for the summer). Dad lost 300 acres. Whilst feeling sad for those who lost "property" (no houses, but a pine plantation and 4 dumped cars) he was a bit pleased as this part of the bush hadn't had a fire for a long time. He's on old bushman, they know the value of fires for regeneration!

I love it when they get together and talk. I just sit back and listen, I just wish I could remember it all and have a tape recorder going.

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