Friday, August 17, 2007

I don't have a photo handy of my first quilts, not even sure I have digital photos of the first 20 years of my quilting life, I must rectify that. This is a picture of "Rose Star Charm" a hand pieced, hand quilted charm quilt done a long time ago. I only do hand work now for bindings!

I am a quilter-there, I've said it!
I made my first piece of patchwork in 1974, the year Nic was born. I bought my first quilting magazine in 1968 - wow! I couldn't understand how quilts were made from calico and muslin and still look like they were quality prints. Of course now I know it's small prints (calico's) and plains Dyed calico's). The rest is history, I read books and sewed and then I did an American patchwork class with Vicky Buckingham in 1982. It all made sense then and I was off and running. I began teaching late that year with my first 2 classes being held at Lilydale around the pool table at my parent's home. To supply my student's needs I began stocking goods from home and in 1986 The Quilt Patch opened. I am the only partner still in the business 21 years on.

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